About Me

Hi! I am Anna.

Welcome to my life – both abroad and at home

Hey wannabe wanderluster! I’m Anna, and I’m a family medicine doctor with “el alma andariega” (a wandering soul, a name given to me by a local Guatemalan woman I met on my solo travels). I’m a Chicago-based blogger behind Piques of Life who loves authentic experiences that reveal the beauty that is life. As a busy professional, I mastered the art of delayed gratification while building my career, and when I finally reached the top of my career ladder, the gratification I delayed never came. The habits I built to bring me to the top also dragged me head first into the depths of burnout early in my career. I realized that there would be no perfect time for me in American work culture and my traditional professional career to start to live the life I dreamed. Travel has always been my escape to live more fully, and I am slowly learning how to incorporate the “spirit of travel” in my daily life to be more present every day even when I am not wandering in a foreign land. I want to help people learn from my mistakes and live more beautifully NOW no matter how busy their lives or careers may be.

If you can relate to my story or just want to discover how to develop an “eye” for the things in life that pIque your soul every day, be sure to check out my blog at PiquesofLife.com and follow me on Instagram at @PiquesofLife.


Develop an “eye” for the things in life that pIque your soul

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